Fingerpicking Exercise 6

This exercise works on playing two notes at a time with your picking hand.  This technique is often referred to as double stops (taken from the violin where you bow two strings at the same time).  This song is the intro to "Blackbird" by The Beatles.  Each set of notes is separated by a single G note giving this song a piano style feel. The intro to this song also swtiches between 3/4 time and 4/4 time adding another unique challenge.

Practicing Tips´╗┐

When playing double stops make sure the fret hand transition between note pairs is seamless.  You'll notice that the fret hand slides from the end of the first measure up to the G chord starting on the 10th fret in the second measure.  Really work on playing as economically and smoothly as possible.  Each set of notes should be picked with the thumb on the lower strings and the middle finger on the high strings.  That leaves your first finger available to play the G or 3rd string between each pair of notes. Like always, start slowly and slowly work up to speed.

Blackbird by The Beatles - Intro

Blackbird Intro